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Creating Wealth Encyclopedia Series – 6 Book Set – Shows 1-120

Digital Downlaod of Creating Wealth Encyclopedia Series with Jason Hartman


Books One-Six and Audio for Shows 1-120 (Digital Download) 

YOU SAVE $385 Advanced Strategies For Wealth Creation


With this Creating Wealth Encyclopedia you will learn how to:

  • Benefit from the current financial crisis.
  • Shift from “Optimist to Opportunist” and become very wealthy.
  • Take advantage of The Great Inflation Payoff.
  • Pick local markets untouched by the economic downturn.
  • Exploit Packaged Commodities Investing.
  • Achieve exceptional returns safely and securely.
  • Protect the equity in your home before it disappears.
  • “Outsource” your debt obligations to the government.
  • Start with a small amount of capital and get the bank to take most of the risk.
  • Easily convince a complete stranger to pay off your loan.
  • Sit back and collect checks every month just like a banker.


Much, much more…


Creating Wealth Shows 1-100 include:
1. Slow and Steady Real Estate Investing
2. Investor Beware
3. Evaluating Risk in Real Estate Investment
4. Shift to Markets with Upside
5. Real Estate in Different Markets & Real Estate Investing Software
6. Investing for the Long Term
7. Spotlight on Platinum Properties Investor Network
8. Where the Market is Going and Mortgage Resets
9. Where is the U.S. Real Estate Market Going? Where are the Bubbles?
10. Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgages
11. California Real Estate Forecast
12. Real World Real Estate Investing/What’s Hot and What’s Not
13. KABC Radio Interview
14. Seventeen Ways Rich People Think and Act Differently
15. Jason’s Ten Commandments of Successful Investing™
16. ROI: Some People Just Don’t Get It!
17. Inflation, Immigration and Investing
18. The Great Inflation Payoff
19. Eliminating Investment Risk
20. Area Profile: Austin, Texas and Mobile Alabama
21. The IRS PAYS YOU to Invest in Real Estate! The Go Zone – A Gift from the Government
22. It is Time to Increase Your Rents, Thanks to the Mortgage Meltdown
23. The Three Dimensions of Real Estate Investing
24. Rental Coordination and L.A. Radio Interview – Two Part
25. An Interesting Little Lesson in Banking, Debt, Economics, and Investing
26. Macro Markets vs. Micro Markets & Investing In Eastern Europe – Two Parts
27. The IRS Real Estate Professional Status, Material Participation, & a Second Chat about the Go Zone
28. The Secret Power Within Your Mortgage, The Bogus CPI/Core Rate, Foreclosures and Rent Increases
29. Refi Till Ya Die™
30. Get 36 percent ROI Tax Lien Investing & Eric Lofholm on Sales Skills
31. Winning by Giving, Careless Banks, Money without Debt, Boom Towns and Real World Financial Freedom
32. Into to Commercial Real Estate & Getting Your Spouse into Investing
33. A Mino Portfolio Makeover, A Common Question & Winning By Borrowing
34. It Pays to be Irresponsible: The Subprime Bailout and Legal Tax Avoidance
35. Investment Pornography, Grand Junction, Colorado Market Profile, Radio Interview on the Paulson/Bush Rate Freeze, Q & A
36. A True Christmas Story About America’s Best Export – Freedom, “Shift Happens”; Commercial Real Estate – Part Two
37. Dow Jones: Record High or Record Lie? Ladies: “A man is Not a Plan” – Women and Investing
38. Getty: “Buy When Everybody’s Selling” – A Conference Call
39. Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret, Kansas City, and Sunscreen
40. Thou Shalt Maintain Control or Pools Are For Fools, Then Jim Cramer and Mad Money
41. Why Trump and Hartman Love Debt and Why You Should, Too!
42. The Seeds of Success, Fending Off an IRS Attack, & One of Our Clients from Across the Pond
43. Best Practices on Organizing Your Investments and Working with Property Managers
44. So, What Do We Do Here? ID Theft Protection, Merrill Lynch Does It Again
45. U.S. vs. International Markets, Missed Fortune, The Power of Analysis & Meet Another Client
46. How to Make a Killing in Commodities, Sort Of
47. The Journey of Investing and Financing
48. Amsterdam Doesn’t Take Dollars
49. Personality vs. Character – Sowing and Reaping
50. Passing the Torch: China Emerges
51. Markets That Make Sense & Buyer Beware of False Advertising
52. The South Shall Rise Again: Part 1
53. Negative Interest Rates, The Subprimer Primer & The South Shall Rise Again – Part 2
54. Exit Strategies: Don’t Kill the Golden Goose
55. Mid-Year Update: Radio Interview
56. Getting Paid to Borrow
57. Examining the REO and Foreclosure Market
58. Happy Financial Independence Day
59. Gratefulness vs. Entitlement
60. It’s Inflation, Stupid! And a Lesson in Bank Failures
61. Investors Between a Rock and a Hard Place, New Investor Software & a CPA Update
62. Credit Repair Advice and an Update on the Mortgage Market
63. Introducing the Speed of Money
64. Multi-Family Housing
65. Government Takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
66. Loan Modification and Mortgage Auditing
67. Exist in the Real Economy and a Look at an Innovative Program to Reduce Interest Costs
68. Crash Proof: An Interview with Famous Doom-and-Gloomer, Peter Schiff
69. The Person on the White Horse
70. An Interview with the National Association of Realtors Chief Economist, Dr. Lawrence Yun
71. Inside the Web of Debt – an Interview with Ellen Brown
72. Obamanomics/Obomination
73. Dude, Where’s my Bailout?
74. Economic Forecasting Using Demographics – An Interview with Harry S. Dent
75. The Ills and Evils of Central Banking
76. Dow 6000, A Masters Weekend Excerpt, and Happy Thanksgiving
77. Managing Your Credit – A Look at Credit Restoration
78. Elliott Wave Theory: Predicting the Future
79. Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell: Hitler Rose and Enron Failed; Warren Buffetts Great Ability
80. The Crash Course – A Strategy for Survival and Growth
81. Jason’s Predictions for 2009 and Beyond
82. Good News! Are You Ready for Something Positive?
83. The Creature for Jekyll Island, a Discussion with G. Edward Griffin
84. The Stock Market vs. Income Properties – Faceoff at Center Mic!
85. You Deserve a Bailout, Too! More on Loan Modification
86. Apartment Riches and Details on Best Practices in Property Management
87. Increasing Cash Flow with Lease Options and On Location in Dallas
88. The “Free Lunch” Metric & What It Tells About Income Property – An Impromptu Discussion
89. “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction with John Assaraf
90. The Reverse Mortgage Approach with Peter Bell
91. Pat Buchanan, Three-Time Presidential Advisor, Shares His Thoughts on the Economy and Politics
92. BIG Investor Incentives: Small Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) and Go Zone Combined
93. Improving Rental Appeal with Feng Shui and Staging
94. “Investing for Dummies” and “Guru Watch” – An Interview with Eric Tyson
95. Catherine Austin Fitts – A Critical Review of Our Fragile Systems
96. Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something
97. Become the Next Donald Trump: Uncover Cutting Edge Real Estate Trends
98. Mobile Home Millions
99. Leadership and Communication Expert, Jeff Myers


Sound good? With the Creating Wealth Encyclopedia, welcome to investing the way it should be. Enter the world where anything less than a 26% annual return is disappointing. Get excited about these scary times and exploit the incredible opportunities. Welcome to the rest of your life.

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